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October 19, 2007

A June Bug Arrives

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June BugElvis was born in October and lived by himself until I received a phone call in December.  The homes previous owners had a new baby goat and asked if we wanted her.  Their daughter had named her June Bug and she was 6 days old.  We picked her up a few days later and I took her to get disbudded (dehorned).  She also had to learn to take a bottle.  Well, the first day was difficult as she was not use to the nipple or to me.  But her becoming hungry helped my efforts.  She began to nurse better and by the next day she was well on her way!  Despite being bottle raised, June Bug tends to be stand offish.  She will usually come up to you and is very calm and enjoys the attention.  She and Elvis played well together but he was and still is the bully of the property.  Maybe she just stays back and allows Elvis to be king! He was older when his disbudding took place and it did not work and he completely grew his horns in.  Because of this, he is more of a problem when it comes to his head butting the other animals.  I believe he feels that ‘I was here first and this is my turf!’  He is very  mischievous and always tries to get away with something.  Generally, all the animals get along well.  But because he can be bossy, I do not allow him with the ewes as they advance in their pregnancy or when lambs are with them.  After weaning the lambs in May; the goats, pig and sheep are all pastured together until late December.   The pregnant ewes are then separated and management changes start for me to get everyone ready for lambing season.Trystan and the goatsGetting her evening lap time as a baby.

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