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Another New Lamb

Fuzzy's new ewe lamb [2]I was happy to find that Fuzzy had her lamb on her own this morning.  I got up at 5 am to check on her and she was fine with no signs of delivery soon.  We slept in and were awakened by my mother in law calling saying there was a new baby in the paddock!

She had had the lamb probably an hour earlier but the lamb was cold, not very cleaned up and not standing yet.  I brought her up, cleaned her up with warm water cloths and used a blow dryer on her for a while.  She gained her strength quickly and I was able to get her to nurse well.  Now, she is out there walking around with her dam and finding the milk supply on her own.

202-lambs-march-22-2008-0271 [3]So I just have one more to go and the lambing is done for this year.  I really enjoy the deliveries, the surprise of what they will have but just wish I did not have to help them so much in the process.

Now I get to watch them grow and determine who will become show lambs and which ones I will retain for future breedings.  I’ll keep you posted on the last one.