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October 23, 2007

Spring Brings Petunias . . . and a Chicken

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Best FriendsWell the goats have had the ranch all to themselves the last few months.  They have really grown and are enjoying the early Spring weather.  We were surprised with a baby pot bellied pig . . . Petunia.  She was already a few months old, weighed about 30 pounds and was very strong and wild.  She never really enjoyed being handled and was difficult to try to hold or socialize.  Petunia is now a big, lazy but funny pig.  When she arrived, the goats did not care for her and she was basically a loner until Cha Cha came along. 

One Saturday while on the way home from work, a student volunteer called me and stated that she had found a chicken in her yard.  I suggested she find someone around her that had chickens and try to return it.  She assured me that no one is her neighborhood had chickens and said she thought it fell off a chicken truck.  (I thought for a moment that maybe she had fallen off a chicken truck!)  But surprisingly, there was an accident and hundreds of chickens were loose and this one got away.  Well, he came home aPetuniand suddenly he and the pig are best friends.  Where ever they were, they were together as a team.  Cha Cha ended up weighing 18 pounds and was the biggest chicken I had ever seen.  Due to his size, he was not a very agile bird and will certainly have skeletal problems as he gets older.  One day he attacked my mothers leg as she was holding a baby duck.  Needless to say, she was nothappy with the chicken.  So, Cha Cha was sent to live with a client of mine on his farm with many other chickens.  Last I heard, he was running with ducks and guineas and was doing well.  He is hopefully a happy rooster now, and I am happy he is gone!  Now, Petunia is living with the sheep and goats and doing well.  She loves food . . . any food . . . and just being lazy!