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Date: April 1st 2003

Josey Ranch Pet Hospital, PC
... where caring makes the difference.
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If you havent already, soon you may begin to notice some telltale signs that your older pet is entering the "senior" years. Maybe your dog takes longer to fetch a favorite ball. Maybe your cat has stopped greeting you at the door, or takes longer to get there. Maybe he or she is "forgetting" housetraining. Perhaps youre noticing that your companion is gaining weight, has poor skin and coat condition or is sleeping more than usual.

While these things may just seem like normal "old age" to you, the fact is that any or all of these signs might be an indication that your senior pet has a medical problem that needs attention.

In the past, we often accepted a declining quality of life for our aging pets, or for ourselves, for that matter, as a fact of life beyond our control. Thanks to advances in disease detection and treatment, that is no longer necessary!

With appropriate veterinary care and nutrition, your pets senior years can be a healthy and happy time, and you are the key to making this happen. You know your companion better than anyone, so its up to you to report any changes you see to our veterinary staff. It is also recommended that you bring them in for physical examinations and lab work more often as they age. A complete blood profile should be performed yearly to assess for any possible underlying problems which may not be apparent at home or during routine exams. Remember, dogs and cats age 5 to 7 years for every one of yours. This suggests that health problems can progress 5 to 7 times faster and, therefore, more frequent checkups are necessary.

By working together, we can prevent or treat many problems that could rob your faithful companion of their quality of life. We at JRPH encourage you to make an appointment soon to discuss our senior pet care program, and find out how we can help you and your pet spend more quality years of your life together.

If you have any questions, we would be glad to hear from you. Please call our office any time during our business hours at 972-446-0667.

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