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Date: September 18th 2006

Josey Ranch Pet Hospital, PC
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To Our Clients:

Over the last few years, several new disease patterns and concerns have been the focus of significant attention in veterinary medicine. One of these is feline heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease was previously considered only a dog disease. Difficulties with effective diagnosis and prevention as well as an entirely different set of disease symptoms allowed feline heartworm disease to remain a “silent killer” for many years, until it began to be recognized and studied in the late 1990s. Since then, feline heartworm disease has steadily gained attention as a major preventable disease in cats.

Here are a few important facts about feline heartworm disease:

-Recent studies suggest that 15-20% of cats in our area will test positive for heartworm exposure. There does not appear to be a significant difference in risk between indoor and outdoor cats.

-Feline heartworm disease can be transmitted by a single bite from an infected mosquito (including the ones that sneak into the house when the door is opened).

-Symptoms of feline heartworm disease are highly variable but may include wheezing, coughing, chronic vomiting (often confused with “hairballs”), and sudden unexpected death in an apparently healthy cat. Some cats may not show symptoms at all during some stages of the disease, then later develop serious problems.

-In 2005, the American Heartworm Society revised its nation wide recommendations for heartworm control to include annual heartworm testing in both cats and dogs, and use of a monthly heartworm preventive all year long in both cats and dogs.

-At a meeting in 2004, one of the world’s leading veterinary cardiologists stated that use of monthly heartworm preventive is without a doubt the most important preventive care that veterinarians can provide for cats.

Fortunately, feline heartworm disease can easily be prevented. We have a very effective product to protect our feline patients from this serious threat- Revolution. We recommend this product for several reasons. First, it is a topical product, eliminating the need to “poke a pill” down the patient. Secondly, it is very effective at controlling fleas and ear mites, the most common cause of ear infections in cats. Another important feature is that Revolution controls hookworms and roundworms in cats, two intestinal parasites that can seriously affect people (especially children and the elderly). With all that it does, Revolution is the most cost effective preventive measure that we can provide our patients. No other preventive measure we offer in either cats or dogs offers such a wide range of benefits.

Again, we stress the importance of monthly heartworm preventive in both dogs and cats for all of our patients. Please call us at if you have any other questions concerning heartworm disease or would like to start your pet on an appropriate preventive.


Dr. Kirk Esmond

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