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Eye Diseases and Your Pet

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Both dogs and cats may be subject to eye problems at any time during their lives. These problems may range from simple irritation due to allergies, to permanent blindness, secondary to a wide variety of diseases. Many causes of long-term blindness in dogs and cats can be prevented. Early detection and recognition are the keys to prevention.

At Josey Ranch Pet Hospital, we have the proper equipment to provide for early detection of most eye ailments. Initial ophthalmoscopic evaluation during a patient's exam is the starting point. More specialized tests are available to obtain a diagnosis. These include:

  • tear production tests
  • specialized stains to detect corneal abnormalities
  • tonometry to measure fluid pressures within the eyes, i.e.: glaucoma
  • blood pressure monitors to check for high blood pressure that can lead to
    permanent blindness in cats and sometimes in dogs
  • more specialized tests, if required, are available through referral to a local
    board certified ophthalmologist.

Patients with a history of certain diseases are at a higher risk of developing secondary diseases of the eyes. Examples include glaucoma and cataracts, diabetes in dogs, and retinal diseases in cats with hypertension from heart or kidney diseases. Problems with lack of tear production may be associated with certain immune mediated diseases.

If you have any questions or are concerned about the well being of your pet's eyes, please contact us, during our business hours, at 972-446-0667 to answer questions or to set up an appointment.

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