PennHIP services are now being performed at Josey Ranch Pet Hospital every Tuesday. Only certified doctors may perform the procedure, and our practice is now one of few in the entire DFW metro that offers PennHIP testing for your breeding program or companion.

Three radiograph (x-ray) views are obtained including the traditional “OFA view” (extended hip), compression view (frog leg), and distraction view.



Main differences for PennHIP that are different from OFA:

    • It measures laxity of the hip joints, as well as the overall presence or absence of dysplasia
    • The “grade” is a numeric system called a “distraction index”, where a dog’s hip laxity is measured
      • The dog is compared within the breed’s own data
      • Numbers provide more specificity for the selection of breeding pairings to improve hips
      • There is no “pass/fail” system
    • Deep sedation or anesthesia is a required part of the procedure
      • Don’t feed before your appointment, to help protect your dog’s safety while sedate
    • PennHIP can be performed with predictability anytime after 16 weeks of age
      • This may be of benefit if you’re deciding between two puppies, or if you want to get a formal assessment at a young age, before significant investment is made into the dog’s career
      • The distraction index does not change significantly over time (after 16 wks)
    • The submission fees are all included in the cost of the procedure at our hospital
    • The appointment can take longer since your dog will be sedated for the procedure

Every breed has different requirements for OFA or PennHIP, so it is a good idea to review what your national club recommends. Many breeders elect for OFA vs PennHIP because that is popular for their individual breed. Still, PennHIP may provide other support you need to help you make decisions for performance, training, or selection of breeding stock you want to move forward with.

PennHIP varies from OFA interpretation, but both can provide information on your dog’s hip health. Some people prefer to do both types of testing at the same time. This is easy for us to accomplish if you’d like to submit to both OFA and PennHIP for hip evaluation, as the traditional OFA extended view is a component of the PennHIP submission. If you want to accomplish full submission for both PennHIP and OFA submission, we recommend doing so at 2 years of age, as the OFA age for formal grading starts at that time.

If you have questions, please call Josey Ranch Pet Hospital for information and scheduling.