Canine Reproduction

Canine Reproduction

Josey Ranch Pet Hospital is the premier reproduction hospital in North Texas! We offer canine reproductive services ranging from breeding and infertility issues to Cesarean sections. JRPH is a Zoetis freeze center and takes pride in providing in-depth client education and being as available as possible for your dog’s breeding needs.

Advances in technology now enable us to breed dogs from any two parts of the world. Our doctors are trained in these services and can provide assistance with canine ovulation timing, semen evaluation, artificial and chilled semen insemination, frozen semen implants, shipping chilled semen and C-Sections.

Dr. Esmond has been involved in some capacity with the breeding and showing of AKC registered dogs for the last 40 years. His affiliation with Zoetis led him to establish the Canine Semen Freezing Center at JRPH in 1997. Dr. Esmond is currently employed by Zoetis as their reproductive technical consultant and the national trainer for all new semen freezing centers where he teachers Trans Cervical Insemination breeding techniques. JRPH is one of the top Zoetis freeze centers in the US.

Dr. Hesser is Josey Ranch Pet Hospital’s in-house Board Certified Reproduction Specialist. Learn more about her and the other doctors here.

        • OFA (Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Cardiac, Patellas, Sebaceous Adentitis, Tracheal Hypoplasia)
        • In-house Progesterone Testing
        • Precise Ovulation Timing
        • Brucellosis Screening
        • Natural Breeding Assistance
        • Vaginoscopy & Uterine Cultures
        • Transcervical AIs and Vaginal AIs
        • Surgical Inseminations
        • Ultrasound (Pregnancy & Fetal Monitoring)
        • Pregnancy Radiographs
        • After Hours C-Sections
        • Management of Post-Partum Disorders (Eclampsia, Metritis, SIPS, Mastitis, etc.)
        • Semen Collection & Analysis
        • Collection & Shipment for Chilled Semen
        • Semen Freezing & Short-Term Storage
        • Infertility Diagnostics (Endoscopic Uterine Biopsy/Culture)
        • Interstate/International Health Certificates
        • Breeding Management Boarding
        • Epididymal Flush (Gemete Rescue)
        • Prostate Disease Management
        • Medical Pyometra Treatment
        • Alternative Spay/Neuter Options (Medical & Surgical)

Please contact us if you would like additional information or have questions regarding the canine reproduction services offered.