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  • I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Alison Calhoun. She is patient, thorough, and gives our little girl Charlie her undivided attention throughout the entire appointment. At our last appointment our puppy was curious about the back room (where the doctors prep, & other dogs are crated) so she spent a few minutes walking Charlie around to explore & meet everyone. It’s the little things!I’ll admit, I’m a little bit of an overprotective dog parent & tend to ask 100 questions, but Dr. Calhoun never makes me feel rushed & gives me the best recommendations. We’re so relieved to find such a sweet vet for our little girl.

    Hannah Gorman

  • After years of trying to get our former vet to check our Shelties for thyroid issues, we found Josey Ranch. Both are now on thyroids meds - skins issues are gone; ear issues are gone! Thorough and compassionate - so pleased we made the switch.

    Betsy Branch

  • 4.7 Google Rating